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About us

For almost two decades specialist for Internet solutions

THEN.NET is specialized in producing websites and web applications. We care for concept, design, programming, and animation.

We make a good team and consist of experts in various areas like programming, graphics, animation, sound, networks and marketing.

What we do

We design and program websites. This includes conception and realization of microsites as well as comprehensive websites (e.g. with database, content management and shopping system). At THEN.NET screendesign and programming both work closely together which makes short-term projects possible. We develop in HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, XML, jquery etc.

Our goal is to achieve a wise use of interactive media for you. Therefore we develop content management systems that will help improve your workflow. Or we program things that lead to benefit for your clients: online booking systems, calculators, personalization of web services, search functions, etc. We are experienced in integrating CMS so we can adapt and program solutions individually prepared for your needs (e.g. with Typo3, WordPress, Magento).

It is mandatory to have an intuitive general user interface when addressing potential clients. We develop interfaces for websites, multimedia application and software. This includes conception and structuring of content as well as design (e.g. icon development and animation) and programming. Unfortunately we come across poor and unclearly arranged interfaces all the time – it is our job to change this!

Another of our key competence is webserver administration. We offer a various range of webhosting solutions, from simple virtual webspace to Root server hosting for intranet and extranet applications.

Who we are

We achieve a lot with with a small team

Volker Then

Volker Then

Server Administration, Coding, Concept, Projekt Management

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Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 48 – 65185 Wiesbaden – Germany